Concept CLD-700 7-Inch Headrest DVD Player

Chameleon CLD-700 7″ Widescreen LCD Headrest Monitor by Concept with Built-in DVD Player. Single Headrest System Comes with Interchangeable Covers (Black, Gray, Tan) to Match Concept CLD-700 7-Inch Headrest DVD Playerthe Interior of Your Own Vehicle. Adjustable Posts from 4 to 7 inches, Free Tilt Mechanism allowing for Adjusting to Optimal Viewing Angle. Built-in Dual IR Transmitter with Front AV Input, includes Remote Control, 12V Car Power Cable and AV Input Cable. Can be Paired with the CLS-700 (non-source Headrest) or a Second CLD-700 so both the Left and Right Plays Independently.

  • CLD-700 Headrest Monitor with Built-in DVD Source Comes with Black, Gray and Tan Interchangeable Covers to Match the Interior of Your Vehicle
  • 7″ Widescreen TFT LCD Headrest with LED Backlit Panels for Exceptions Picture Quality, High Efficiency and Longer Life
  • Free Tilt Mechanism Allows for Adjusting Screen to Optional Viewing Angle and Adjustable Posts between 4 to 7 Inches
  • Pixel Resolution: 480 X 3 (RGB) X 234 Brightness: 400 CD/M2 PAL/NTSC Compatible:
  • Built-In Front AV Input and Dual IR Transmitter: See for Additional Technical Details
  • Included Accessories: Remote Control, 12V Car Power Cable and AV Input Cable

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Concept CLD-700 7-Inch Chameleon Headrest Monitor Reviews

The CLD-700 Headrest all-in-one DVD Player…
Rather than bore you with stories here’s what I found:

DVD/HEADREST UNIT: Packaged well and comes complete with everything you need to install the unit. The downfall is the instruction manual. Repetitive pages with almost no clear detailed installation help. Easy enough though for anyone who can connect a DVD player to a TV and has minor technical expertise. Unless you use the 12V lighter power connector you just need to find a 12V Hot (RED) and a Ground (Black) connection in your vehicle. The headrest posts adjust for any vehicle and comes with 3 different color leather-like covers. Tan, gray and black (already installed) All wires have one way connectors so you can’t couple them wrong and their color coded.


With a little research this headrest unit seems to be one of the best deals out there. As an Audio/Video afficionado, it is an attractive and tidy unit which comes with 3 different ‘pleather’ colors to match your interior. This is good because you can conceal it better from thieves. We got it for our 1 month old. Yes…he faces the rear & I was able to easily install it backwards (facing forward in the rear seat headrest holes. The included remote works well and has plenty of features…most importantly repeat. This allows the disc that is in to continuously play. It picks up right where it was when you turned off the ignition.


We bought this for a 2700+ mile holiday road trip for our 22mo toddler in a 2001 Toyota Highlander. We did have to change the color of the headrest, and it was pretty easy with just some velcro pieces to reattach the correct color.

Our son was still rear-facing, so hubby installed the headrest backwards in the rear seat–and it worked just fine. It was a bit of a hassle running the cabling through the seat, and hubby did nick up his fingers a bit (though if you had smaller hands/fingers it might be easier for you) but the cables were still long enough to reach where we needed them. We also bought the i.Sound AV Cables so we could connect our iPhones to watch movies and TV episodes as well.



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