Popular Headrest DVD Player Reviews


Popular Headrest DVD Player Reviews

In this post I will show some Headrest DVD Player Reviews provided by users from Amazon who have left the most beneficial reviews on popular headrest DVD players available today.

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Below I will list various short Headrest DVD Player reviews that have been edited for conciseness

OnFair HR7A Reviews

This is a great product for the cost. This product was $120 less than another I found at Walmart and it has additional features of being able to watch multiple DVD’s in each monitor. This was great for my kids because they are 6 years apart in age and don’t typically watch the same type of movies. The picture quality is awesome and this headrest was easy to install and use. The only issue I had was that the IR headsets were not very good quality so instead we just use normal wired headsets. This particular headrest is also not adjustable, otherwise this headrest is a great product.


The installation of these headrests was a bit tricky in my Jeep but these DVD players are awesome. The kids really enjoy this setup and it was easy to replace my factory headrests.

In order to install this set I had to re-wire the the power lines with soldering work involved. The wires that come out of the poles have an input connection I knew I would not need so I remove these entirely. The power connection had to be re-wired since I could not fit them through the pole itself, they also needed to be re-soldered.

This may seem like a lot of work but it was really very straight forward. I highly recommend this set for anyone that wants separate DVD players for their vehicle.

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Power Acoustik HDVD-9GRDK Reviews

I am very, very happy with this purchase. We spent many months reading about various DVD players that could be installed in the headrest prior to purchasing. We decided to have these professionally installed and have been happy with them. They work well to keep our children entertained during long car trips. These headrests are very large though and would probably work best in a bigger SUV or truck. They are also not very soft and cannot be adjusted for height. I typically don’t drive around with my head on the headrest anyways so this was not a big deal for me. Overall we are happy with the purchase and the installation team we had did a great job with wiring the units and the sound quality.


I have owned this model for over a year now and recently recommended this unit to a friend because it’s a good product! There was a point during a detour we took in Arizona where we ended up on a dirt road for over 25 miles and the DVD player didn’t even skip once!

Great Product, highly recommended!


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