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You’re searching for the best car headrest monitors for your Honda vehicle.  No worries, we have the best selling  Honda headrest monitors right here.  As a bonus we also have customer install photos and customer reviews from happy Honda customers for your review.

Vehicle models:

Does your Honda have Active Headrest Technology?  (what is Active Headrest Technology?).  If so, be sure to search for the best headrest DVD player from Autotain the Autotain EDGE which is perfect for Honda vehicles with Active Headrest Technology.


autotain hero headrest dvd player monitors

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Time to smile.  Here’s some recent customer reviews and install photos for headrest monitors installed in Honda  vehicles.

honda odyssey headrest monitor review


Honda Odyssey  Headrest Monitor


Great price! Perfect color match! We just drove 4000 miles and no problems. Love the flip around style, it makes it very easy to click through those long Disney menus. The covers are great too “out of sight out of mind”.





honda odyssey headrest monitor review

Honda Odyssey 2008 Headrest Monitor

We recently purchased the Autotain Magic Silver for our 2008 Honda Odyssey.  After multiple road trips with the big box store strap to the headrest model dvd player, we were growing tired of the tangle of cords and less than seamless operation.  In anticipation of our upcoming summer road trip, I searched extensively for better options.  We are extremely pleased with our choice of the Magic Silver.  Honestly, my main concern was whether the quality would be satisfactory at such a reasonable price.  As it turns out, the quality of this product exceeded my expectations.  The upholstery is very nice and thick and looks like it will hold up well.  The units latch securely, have metal hinges (hidden inside), picture quality is great, and the touch screen works great.  Nothing like the thin plastic brand name box store models. These are much nicer.  They really have thought out  the important features and included them such as wireless headphones, fm transmission to the van’s radio, long wires for ease and flexibility with installation. The list goes on.  The included remotes are a bit complicated for the under 12 year old crew, but the touchscreen interface solves that issue.  The installation is straightforward, with most of my time spent deciding where to hide the wires.  By powering from the fuse box and the wireless headphones, we finally have the clean factory look we wanted. I highly recommend this product.

Manhattan, KS


There are many headrest monitor packages to choose from but there’s only one best headrest monitor package for your Honda family needs.  We hope this list helps you narrow the selection and get driving to your family vacation destination!

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