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You’re searching for the best car headrest monitors for your Mitsubishi vehicle.  No worries, we have the best selling Mitsubishi headrest monitors right here.  As a bonus we also have customer install photos and customer reviews from happy Mitsubishi customers for your review.

Vehicle models:

Does your Mitsubishi have Active Headrest Technology?  (what is Active Headrest Technology?).  If so, be sure to search for the best headrest DVD player from Autotain the Autotain EDGE which is perfect for Mitsubishi vehicles with Active Headrest Technology.


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Time to smile.  Here’s some recent customer reviews and install photos for headrest monitors installed in Mitsubishi  vehicles.

Mitsubishi Raider Quad Cab headrest monitor

Mitsubishi Raider Quad Headrest Monitor Photo


If I could say one thing, it would be that having the RCA cables connected to the hot and ground makes it more of a job because of having to run all wires thru the firewall to the fuse box to be able to connect them all as a circuit. ( only if your vehicle has the fuse box under the hood obviously). I ended up just running a seperate hot wire to the back to make it easier. Thanks for everything tho! You were a big help.







There are many headrest monitor packages to choose from but there’s only one best headrest monitor package for your Mitsubishi family needs.  We hope this list helps you narrow the selection and get driving to your family vacation destination!

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