OnFair HR7A

OnFair HR7A


  • 2 Headrest Monitors
  • 2 DVD Players
  • 2 A/B Dual Channel Wireless Headphones
  • 2 Wireless Game Controllers
  • 2 Wireless Remotes

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OnFair HR7A Reviews

I actually purchased this directly from Amazon but the supplier of the product was the one who managed returns or complaints, it was convenient to have Amazon backing up my purchase.

I read a lot of other reviews about this product before I made this purchase. I had a good idea of what types of issues I might find prior to purchasing. My issue was the Chinese to English language translation in the instructions provided. It took me some time to sit down and read through everything with the product in front of me. It’s worth while to go through all the controls and functionality before installation.

I found the adapter poles are too small for a lot of American vehicles that are around today. I was able to wrap the poles with electrical tape to add a layer of thickness to the pole and this made the headrests snug enough to fit.

Setting up all the wiring was fairly straight forward. An issue came up after installing and fiddling around for 5 minutes, shortly after finding one of the screens went blank on me. I had to ship the unit back to the supplies and within a week they returned my package to a local NY location of theirs. They eventually shipped a new set that arrived days after, I spent over an hour testing the new unit to make sure I didn’t run into any new problems after re-installation.

It’s also a good idea to verify the included headsets are functional, if you have kids watching movies or DVD’s the sound is quite loud and disturbing since the sound comes right from behind your head from both units.

Overall I am happy with the purchase. I have owned cars in the past that came with DVD systems for entertainment and enjoyed them all but but with my most recent car purchase I did not want to have to spend the additional money to have it installed from the factory. I thought this was a worth while investment for the money, if in the future these break I won’t have any issue just putting back the original headrests.

I rated this a 3 out of 5 because the manual that came with it was difficult to read and understand, as well as needing to wait an additional amount of time for the returned set to arrive. The supplier did handle this without much of an issue and just wanted confirmation there was actually a problem before I returned it.

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