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Looking for a car Headrest DVD Player? Headrest DVD player.org is the #1 site on the internet to learn more about headrest DVD players. This website will help give you some guidelines headrest dvd playerto compare some of the top headrest DVD player models available on the market today. This site also contains car headrest DVD player reviews for the top units available today. There are many ways to watch DVDs in a car, the biggest advantage of a headrest DVD player is that it does not take up a ton of space. Most units are Integrated right into the headrest and are fairly easy to install since they come built into replacement headrests. Most models include basic functionality such as playing DVD’s, multiple audio/video connections including an RCA connection, built-in speakers, and adjustable mounting poles. With most Headrest DVD players you will also be able to connect other accessories such as video games consoles, an iPod, a Blue-Ray player or anything that uses composite video. Most units are sold as a set of dual headrest DVD Players. Some models may include Wireless Game Controllers, Wireless Remotes with IR Transmitters, USB and SD card capability. Various models range in screen size from 7″ to 11″ in size. Some new models include touch screen functionality for easy operation. If you are looking for a portable DVD player for a car headrest this site also contains information on accessories that can be used to mount tablet devices to a car headrest as well. Tablets are becoming very popular as of recently so I’ve also included an additional table to compare some tablet

Here is a comparison table that shows various Headrest DVD Player models you can choose from:

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Monitor Features Chart
Headrest DVD Player Reviews Link to a PRINTABLE VERSION OnFair is the online authority for car headrest DVD monitors based in the USA. Because of our wide selection, below is a chart of features and accessories to help you determine the best car headrest entertainment system for your vehicle and your needs.

Why Purchase a Headrest DVD Player?

Most commonly a Headrest DVD player will be used to entertain kids or passengers on long car rides. Most models today are very simple to operate and include wireless remote controllers for easy operation. -Convenient for kids and children to watch movies, listen to music or play video games -Headsets keep noise to a minimum and multiple headrest sets allow children to watch their own separate programs just in case age difference is a factor. -A good alternative to using portable audio players for listening to music in the backseat of the car. -Units can be connected to an in-dash DVD player as a way for both front and rear passengers to enjoy the same audio or video. -External media can be connected via USB port or an SD card slot depending on the unit.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Headrest DVD Player

-Are you planning to install the units yourself or have a shop install them for you? Additional costs may be incurred when looking to install the units. -Attempt to find a model that will match the interior of your car if possible

Additional Accessories  To Consider When Purchasing A Headrest DVD Player

Quality Wireless IR Headphones as opposed to the headphones that come with each set from the factory. –Portable AC Power Inverter to connect the Headrest DVD Players to your cigarette charger *Note: This is an optional choice if you decide not to wire the devices to your cars electrical system –iPod Touch *Note: The iPod Touch can be used to control the DVD player while driving as it includes a composite out functionality built in. Traditional DVD Players can also do this but are not as convenient to use as a portable device in the car. Click here to purchase a composite cable for the iPod. Using the iPod is a great way to output video, music and online content (with internet connection) directly to the Headrest DVD player monitor instead of using a traditional DVD. Hopefully this website will help you find your next Headrest DVD Player! If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Connect with the owner on Google+ +John Shea