Where to Go on the Family Vacation?

Sometimes we need a little adventure.

Nothing says “family adventure” like the classic family vacation. Packing up the kids and heading out onto the open road can be an experience that children take with them for the rest of their lives. However, before the “Are we there yet?” starts, you have to know what direction you’re heading in. Right?

Packing up the kids and heading out onto the open road can be an experience that children take with them for the rest of their lives.

In most cases, loading up the family vehicle and putting wheels to pavement is still cheaper than any aviation based vacations, especially when you factor in an airline ticket for every member of the family. Where you are heading is just as important as how you’re getting there, and finding a great destination is as easy as knowing how far you can travel comfortably with the kids.Older kids are more likely to accept the rigors of cross-country travel, trips to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, but younger children often get antsy and start to lose patience with extra-long rides. So pop in a DVD for the younger kids and hit the road because we’re going on vacation!

The California Coast is a terrific vacation destination for any family road trip.

Younger kids will love the “danger” of driving along the winding roads of the Pacific Coast Highway. With sheer drop offs that overlook some of the most beautiful coastlines in America, even older kids will appreciate the ability to pull over and soak in some rays, while hitting those lush California beaches.

From Big Sky, Montana to Tonto National Park in Arizona, the United States has 58 national parks, each varying in size and distance to travel, all of them featuring some truly magnificent scenery that has remained unchanged for decades. Lines and other tourists can sometimes turn the kids away, but for every Yellowstone, which receives over 26,542 people on any given day in July, there is Congaree National Park in North Carolina that has just over 100,000 visitors per year. If weather’s an issue, or if the deserts of Arizona & Utah are not your style, check out Washington’s North Cascades National Park, it has the highest concentration of glaciers in the lower 48. Kids and parents alike will love the large waterfalls and abundant wildlife that includes the occasional Grizzly Bear!

Don’t forget to “amuse” yourself!

The United States has over 400 amusement parks and attractions to choose from, ranging from places like Bedrock, AZ for the little ones, to that magical kingdom down in Florida. Try not to overlook those kitschy, downright weird, and oh so American places too. There’s a certain classic American charm to places like Dollywood, Hershey Park, or Virginia’s “Foamhenge”. Which park you choose is only limited by how long you can hold out before warning “Don’t make me turn this car around!” Finding age appropriate destinations within your travel radius is crucial to a happy and memorable road trip.

No matter which vacation destination you choose, have fun. Time is precious, and venturing out to see the world together is an experience that children will treasure for a lifetime. 

Safe Travels!

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