Headrest DVD Player Color Sample

Are you looking for headrest DVD players but unsure what color to buy?  Guess what, you’re not alone. Thousands of parents in the exact same situation have chosen to get a material sample from OnFair before buying their headrest DVD players.  This helps them compare color choices to choose the color that best matches their vehicle interior.

Get your headrest DVD player material color sample here

Fill out the form giving them your address and the headrest color sample you’d like to receive and within a few days you’ll receive an envelope with your sample to compare side by side with your existing vehicle headrests.

We understand it’s difficult to compare colors online due to lighting during the product photo and the fact that every computer monitor will show a different degree of brightness and contrast.  So if getting a good match is important, ask OnFair to send you a headrest material sample in advance.

In addition to the material sample, OnFair will include an extensive guide to help you better understand the important features you will want to make sure your headrest DVD player package include such as the VERSA metal install posts, headrest dvd player cigarette lighter power cables and dual channel IR wireless headphones.  All these accessories are important for a smooth install and enjoyable use of the headrests.


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