Headrest DVD Players with HDMI Input

What’s all the excitement with HDMI and Autotain headrest DVD players?

It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s getting a ton of buzz….that’s right we’re talking about the new HDMI port added to the Autotain MAGIC headrest DVD players.  Autotain just recently launched a new series of headrests for 2014 called the MAGIC series. It consists of 3 models, the Bronze, Silver and Gold and they’ve added some very cool features with one of them being the HDMI input for the Bronze and Silver models. Please note that the Gold model doesn’t it has a built-in Android operating system which is super-cool on its own!

What does the HDMI port allow you to do with your headrest DVD player that you couldn’t do before?

The HDMI input allows you to connect your mobile device such as a smartphone or iPhone or your tablet devices such as Android tablet, iPad or other type of tablet devices directly to the HDMI input on the headrest DVD player so you can now view whatever you’re doing on your mobile device directly onto your headrest DVD player.

Why is having HDMI inputs so cool?

This is extremely cool because now you can watch digital movies that are easily available on your mobile device directly on your headrest DVD player.  No more need for transferring digital files onto a SD card or USB drive like in the past.  You can also play games or “Apps” that you’ve downloaded onto your mobile device directly on your Autotain Magic headrest DVD players.

Can I watch online streaming video on my headrest DVD players?

Yes you can, however for the “streaming” part to work you’ll need to have a live connection to the internet via either WIFI or 3G/4G to stream the movie or video onto your mobile device and then onto your headrest DVD player.

Do I need anything else to make this work?

Yes, you will need to purchase a HDMI cable that is designed to fit your mobile device and then has HDMI and USB on the other end.  OnFair has a video that explains this in more detail here: HDMI for Headrest DVD Players

What headrest models include HDMI?

At the time of this article only 2 headrest models include HDMI inputs:

Autotain Magic Bronze – Digital 9” Headrest DVD Player

Autotain Magic Silver – Digital 9” Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player

We hope this helps your excitement build for your new Autotain Magic headrest DVD players with the HDMI input feature!

Happy Driving!

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