Who Pioneered the Online Headrest DVD Player Market?

Taking a quick look at search traffic for the term “Headrest DVD Player” on Google Trends you’ll see the trend started in 2006.


Trends for Headrest DVD Players

Trends for Headrest DVD Players

This is the same time OnFair.com started selling headrest DVD players with a focus on offering parents an alternative to bored kids in the back seat during those long family drive.  With two young kids and a great deal of understanding for car electronics it was a perfect match for Brandon the owner of OnFair.com.  He saw the need, he saw the problem being solved and he was determined at offering the best solution for the situation.

In 2006 the primary headrest models were 7 inch models with a standard LCD screen and wired game controllers.  Single channel headphones were also the only wireless audio option as well.

In 2009 Brandon decided to shine the spot lights bright and produced his first video demonstrating the product with his 2 young kids who were too shy to talk on camera  but willing to “show you” how they work.

In 2010 was the first wave of Chinese competition into the market.  After watching Brandon’s success at OnFair from the sidelines 2 main Chinese competitors hit the market.  They focused on offering a cheaper price by cutting accessories and lowering the quality.  These competitors primary focus was selling in-dash car DVD systems and is still their primary focus today and don’t know headrest DVD players half as much as Brandon does at OnFair.

In 2010 Brandon decided to take quality to a new level with the introduction of the Autotain brand headrest DVD players focused on showing customers they can purchase a better quality product and save a ton of money from buying at car dealerships.

To this day, Autotain is the gold standard for the value driven consumer looking to get the best value for their buck and not cutting corners with lower quality or less accessories designed to make for an easy install.

OnFair’s success is easily documented by taking a quick look at their page after page of car headrest DVD player reviews from happy customers and over 200 photos of kids smiling in the back seat with their new headrest DVD players from OnFair.  Read the headrest DVD player testimonials and you will quickly see why choosing OnFair is the only choice for your headrest monitor purchase.

In 2014 OnFair introduced the first of its kind in-pillow headrest DVD player with a built-in Android operating system included!  This model is the Autotain Magic GOLD headrest DVD players and it taking the market by storm!  Now you can have the best of both worlds with DVD media and wireless media enjoying the Autotain Magic Gold headrest DVD players.  Check them out!

We know when you search for headrest DVD player’s the search pages can be filled with a ton of noise with 1,000’s of listings.  We know the supply channel for this product better than anyone else and we can assure you all the noise comes from the same two primary sources over and over again through their wholesale channels and so all that noise includes the same lessor quality and missing accessories you want to avoid.

When searching for headrest DVD players for your vehicle, include OnFair in your search and all that noise goes away.

Happy drives, enjoy your family vacation!

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