Most Popular Headrest DVD Players for 2014

We get asked all the time, what’s the most popular headrest DVD player and so thought we would answer this question for all of you right here, right now!

The top 3 trends for headrest DVD players for 2014

Android operating system

Adding the Android operating system to your headrest DVD player is a natural extension opening the flood gates with access tons of digital media, apps and games at your finger tips while your family travel on those long drives.

The Android operating system offers your backseat passengers a WIFI connection where they can download streaming videos and music. They can also download their favorite games and apps such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfer and more.  One other feature of having Android on your headrest DVD players is the possibility of having access to your children’s school homework while on the road.  I know at my kid’s school they use Google Documents for their homework assignments so they can work on them at home and then share them with the teachers at school.  It’s a very handy arrangement and so if your kid’s school uses Google Documents for homework your kids may be able to access their documents while in the car with their Android Headrest DVD Players.

Initial Android Headrest Players that entered the market were Android only units where you had to decide if you wanted Android or a DVD player but could not have the best of both worlds at the same time.  At OnFair they love being the industry leaders for headrest DVD players so they worked with factory engineers for over a year to develop the very first headrest DVD player that also has the Android operating system built in finally giving you the best of both worlds!  Because of this innovative design, we highly recommend the Autotain MAGIC GOLD headrest DVD player with Android operating system if you’re looking to go “High end” and getting all your bells and whistles at the same time!

HDMI connectivity for your headrest DVD player

Another new trend in headrest DVD players hitting mainstream in 2014 is the addition of the HDMI input port for your headrest monitor.  With the addition of the HDMI input you can now connect external devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and nearly any mobile device that can also connect up to an HDMI connection.

If you don’t have headrests with Android built in, this is the next best thing. It offers you the ability to plug in your mobile device and now see everything you’re doing on your mobile device on the headrest screen.  Watch streaming movies, play your favorite games and access all your favorite mobile apps.  If you have a streaming video service such as Netflix and you have access to the streaming data now you have access to all this same digital media on your headrest DVD players as well.

As usual, Autotain is leading the race of headrest DVD player innovation with the introduction of the Autotain MAGIC headrest series for 2014.  They have two models with the HDMI input port.  The Autotain MAGIC BRONZE which is a 9 inch headrest DVD player with a digital screen and HDMI input and the Autotain MAGIC SILVER which is also a 9 inch headrest DVD player with a digital screen PLUS a touchscreen feature which is very nice for little fingers.

Removable zipper cover for your headrest DVD player

While this is not a new feature it’s finally going mainstream and gaining wide acceptance in the market.  This feature was introduce by Autotain in 2012 with the Autotain Dream series headrest and customers loved the fact they could remove the cover if they wish or leave the cover on when the headrest DVD players were not in use.

Before the introduction of the removable zipper cover, parents were forced to decide if they wanted a zipper cover for “theft protection” and that “factory look” or they could choose the non-covered version for easy access and no flapping cover hanging down while in use.  Today, customers are choosing headrest packages with the removable zipper cover because they get the “best of both worlds”.  Makes perfect sense to me.

If you’re just starting off at finding the perfect headrest DVD player for your family and your vehicle, take a look at OnFair’s feature compare chart where you can compare headrest models side by side.  They also have a huge FAQ section with tons of videos on how to pick the right headrest for your vehicle and how to install them as well as answering many questions on how to use your headrest DVD players to the fullest potential.  Check them out.

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