Power Acoustik HDVD-9BG

Here’s a great way to keep the backseat entertained without breaking the bank or having to deal with custom installations. This twin-pack features two Power Acoustik HDVD-9 headrest DVD systems that easily attach to your vehicle’s front-seat headrests to provide hours of multimedia entertainment to your passengers.

Power Acoustik Headrest DVD PlayerA pair of headrest DVD/multimedia systems with adjustable poles to fit most vehicles.
Headrest dvd player ir headphonesIncludes two pairs of wireless headphones.
Power Acoustik Headrest DVD PlayerAvailable in four colors to match different interiors.

8.8-Inch Touchscreen
Control everything from the HDVD-9’s 8.8-inch touchscreen. The unit’s screen features a swivel adjustment for optimizing your viewing angle, and most features are accessed directly from the touch screen.

With its 1440 x 234 resolution and four screen modes–full, wide, cinema, zoom–the HDVD-9 delivers a striking image no matter the media.

Adjustable Poles
Fit most any vehicle thanks to pole width adjustment from 4 to 8.5 inches.

Wide Media Support
For video, you can play back your favorite DVDs and DVD-Rs, VCD, SVCD and even DivX files, in 16:9 widescreen for a cinematic experience in the backseat.

You can also listen to music on CDs or CD-R/RWs, and access your digital library with MP3 playback, from disc, SD card, or USB device.

Connect external devices using the 3.5 mini front panel Audio/Video input on both headrests. Easily connect video game systems, MP3 players, or other capable devices you brought along.

You can also select the DVD or A/V input from the other headrest, for sharing the entertainment.

Wireless Headphones
Each headrest unit boasts a built-in transmitter for use with wireless headphones.

Two pairs of headphones are included.

SD Card reader & USB Mini Input
If you don’t feel like burning your MP3s or DivX files to DVD or CD, you can just throw them on a thumb drive or SD Card and you’re all set.

Remote Controls Included
Two remotes give you full control over each headrest unit.

What’s in the Box
Two Power Acoustik HDVD-9 Headrest Monitors (beige), Two sets of wireless headphones, Two remote controls, User’s Manual

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Power Acoustik HDVD-9BG Reviews

I have actually owned this product now for over a month and it’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be! I decided to pickup headrests as opposed to a roof mounted DVD player because I didn’t want to cause any problems with rear view vision. I also knew this would also for independent viewing or video game playing for long road trips. Everything is mounted in the headrest and it helps eliminate extra wiring compared to a DVD console.

I was a bit hesitant about buying these as I was not sure if there would be any noise coming from the DVD player or Fan that could end up driving me nuts, I found out this is not a problem and these units are quiet. The only thing I could hear during the long trip was my son laughing while watching a comedy during the 3 hour drive, awesome!

I ended up installing this unit myself since we have a power unit under the seat designed for power seats. I did have to reach out to support to verify what post carried power and what which were Audio/Video. The power cable is on the DVD side of the unit. The screen size is actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, I like the size of the screen and think any bigger might have been too much. The screen quality and brightness of the screen is great. It does come with two remotes as well and the touch screen is easy to use if you don’t have these around.

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We purchased these in mid-May for our 2007 Sienna, and really like them. We installed them ourselves, and there are a couple of things you should know up front:

1. The cables run through the headrest prongs. You have to have access through the seat to grab them and run them to a power source. The Sienna has a plastic skidpad on the back of each front seat, so I was able to reach through the side and grab the cables. If you don’t have that, getting the cables may be tricky.

2. The provided cables have power and ground, but they are “pigtails” (exposed wires at the end of the cables) and no 12V adapter is provided with the set. We found a “Banana Jack” 12V adapter through which they could be threaded at RadioShack for $10 each, which we could easily plug into our 12V outlets in the van.

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