Super HR732Grey

Super HR732GreySuper HR732Grey

Product Features:

  • 2 Headrest Monitors
  • 2 DVD Players
  • 2 Wireless A/B Dual Channel Wireless Headphones
  • 2 Wireless Game Controllers
  • 2 Wireless Remotes
  • 2 Protective Covers
  • Includes USB Port
  • SD Card Reader

Each Headrest contains it’s own DVD Player and DVD’s can be played separately on each unit. The Poles adjust from 5.1″ to 7.5″ to fit most vehicles, the units come with built-in speakers. You can use any IR headphone set or an FM Transmitter to your radio for audio.

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Super HR732Grey Product Review

I’ve looked around online and found similar custom headrests for $1100-$1500. After going through all the reviews on this product I thought I’d buy this product knowing I could always send it back if it’s not what I wanted.

A few things I was concerned about before making this purchase:

1. I was not sure if this headrest would fit universally. I found the mounting bars are designed to fit any vehicle and this was not an issue for my SUV.

2. What kind of quality was this product for the cost? The quality of the product and the features of this device are great but the remotes seem to be poorly made with cheap plastic and they don’t have the best controls. It took some getting used to but nothing too difficult to figure out.

3. I was not sure if I’d need to pay someone to install the unit or if I could do this myself. All that was needed was a coat hanger to fish a couple wires through the seat. Then I just needed to attach a red wire to a positive and a black to the ground. Beyond that, it was just attaching the red, white and yellow RCA connectors together. The install was simple and you can do it yourself.

Bottom line:

This is a great basic DVD player that won’t have problems playing any types of DVD’s, CD’s or even DIVX format movies. You may find the leather may not identically match your car and this unit only supports RCA and not HDMI this is the unit for you and can be easily installed without much hassle.

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I picked up a set of gray units from OnFair and did a quick installation myself in an Odyssey. Unfortunately I have the dark gray interior and these units are light gray. They’re not that noticeable but I went into this knowing they wouldn’t be a perfect match. Running the cables through the seat back are very easy in this vehicle, but power can be a pain if you’re not comfortable with finding and tapping off of an accessory source.

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