Xtrons Headrest DVD Player

Xtrons is a China based company and has been in the car in-dash DVD player industry for many years and recently added the headrest DVD player line after following OnFair. If you’re looking for cheap headrest monitors, Xtrons wins the game. They offer a good package for cheap but cut corners by not offering everything you’ll find in other packages to help with installation and daily use. Xtrons will ship your product from Hong Kong. This is fine as long as you have no problems, no delays from customs during shipping and no holds for inspection. Also fine as long as you don’t have any issues and need to return. It costs about $70 in shipping back to China per headrest. Buying Xtrons Headrest DVD Players can save you money up front and some people are willing to take the risks.

If you need your Xtrons DVD players fixed.  The folks at Back-Track are great at repairing Xtrons.

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